Jadelyn Alers '23

Student Achievement Award

Jadelyn “Jade” Alers' ’23 is Bronx born and raised. At Mercy College, Alers experiences in the McNair Scholars Program and as a third-year Senior Resident Assistant (SRA) have developed interests in research and service to others. Alers has dedicated her time to service events through residential life and has been instrumental in engaging with students and gathering their feedback to promote positive change. As a SRA, she currently supports the student staff and residential life department to grow initiatives and help the residential life program reach its full potential as a liaison and leader. She leads by example through her professionalism in communication, time management and problem-solving skills. Additionally, she has been a volunteer on campus with Bronx Student Life and the Mav Market.
After graduating with her bachelor’s degree Health Sciences with a concentration in Health Professions in 2023, Alers plans to pursue advanced educational opportunities pertaining to research and health communications. While she’s
still developing her long-term career goals, Alers plans to treat life like an adventure, and flourish from the opportunities she chooses to pursue.