Amanda Droll '16 Keeps Iconic Children's Entertainment Brand in the Forefront

Amanda Droll ’16, manager of strategic partnerships at Sesame Workshop, often walks past the diner where she first met with faculty from Mercy’s Business School and recalls that meeting as “the point where my life completely changed.” At the time, she was a senior in high school, and worrying how she was going to pay for college. Droll was offered a scholarship and entrance into Mercy’s Business Honors Program, “I fell in love with Mercy, and the community,” said Droll, who today looks back on her four years at Mercy as being the foundation for a career she considers a perfect fit – working with one of the nation’s most recognizable brands – Sesame Street.

As manager of strategic partnerships at Sesame Workshop, Droll works within its core business areas: PBS Kids, YouTube and its social media to develop relationships and connections with other organizations, nonprofits and the larger community.  “My day to day is really about looking to find partners and work with brands that align with our values and our mission,” said Droll. It’s a mission Droll takes personally: “helping children grow smarter, stronger and kinder” and something she finds thrilling to be making happen. As she manages sponsorships and collaborates on its campaigns, she is still in awe that she gets to work with an iconic pioneer in children’s entertainment. 

Droll said she always draws back to how what she has accomplished so far has been about challenging her comfort zone in leadership and life. “Mercy really was that place that allowed me to try different things in leadership,” said Droll. She cites the supportive nature of the Mercy community as giving her the confidence that she could do anything – even climbing a mountain. Nearing the end of her time as a student she climbed Mount Washington in New Hampshire with friends from Mercy. She likens that expedition as being similar to how Mercy faculty and students help support one another in the classroom on up to the preparation for a career.  “At the time I had never climbed a mountain before. Yet, to be able to do that with the support of everyone doing it together was such a huge thing,” said Droll, who believes that climb up the mountain is a direct analogy to her whole college experience.
“It’s the way everyone helped me get up that mountain that reminds me of what Mercy has been to me,” said Droll. 

Today, Droll continues to give back as much as she can to Mercy. She has served on the Alumni Advisory Council for nearly two years, and now serves as secretary. Currently, she is working with the current Honors Business program to coordinate and lead an upcoming career panel and points to the fact that forging these alumni and student connections is pivotal for career success. Droll will also host this year’s Alumni of Distinction Awards on February 11. Click here to watch the event.

What motivates you most in your daily life?
I think I’m most motivated by the support of my family and my boyfriend Andrew (Andrew Boryk ’17). To build a life that I didn’t have before is a huge motivator.
Proudest Accomplishment so far:
So far, it has to be climbing Mount Washington in New Hampshire.
How did Mercy impact your life?
“It was everything. I am so thankful that I found Mercy because I absolutely don’t think I would be where I am today without having had the education and the experience I did.”
Three words that describe your Mercy experience?
Community, Immersive, Impactful
What one piece of advice would you give to a current Mercy student?
Take as many opportunities as you can to do things out of your comfort zone. Make the most out of the experience. Join clubs, get involved and that’s what makes the most out of the Mercy experience.