Patricia Anderson '05, M.S. '09 Inspires 
the Next Generation of Mercy Alumni

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As a retired registered nurse with two degrees from Mercy College, Patricia Anderson,'05, M.S.'09 feels particularly proud of her alma mater. Since joining the Alumni Advisory Council in 2018, Anderson has been a consistent presence who has passionately volunteered her time at a variety of Mercy community events, championing the college she said had a profound impact on her life. 

We asked her to share a little about her journey so far:

Q: What is your proudest accomplishment so far?

A: In my professional career my greatest accomplishment was receiving a master’s in Nursing Education from Mercy college. I knew I would attain a bachelors and worked on and off for many years to achieve it, but returning to acquire a master's was such an honor and accomplishment for me. I had an expansive career as a nurse participating in many different areas of care, education and helping people since 1974. 

I received the Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary’s Award in Excellence in nursing, the highest honor for a nurse to receive in the Veterans Administration personally from the United States Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs twice for my contributions in creating nursing processes and programs for veterans.

However, adding a graduate degree was one of my greatest career accomplishments. I thank Mercy for that because I don’t think I would have pursued the degree anywhere else.

Q: In your daily life, what motivates you most?

A: I'm a breast cancer survivor and just to wake up every day is motivation. It's been five years, so just greeting the day, feeling happy and normal is wonderful for me.

Q: How did Mercy College impact your life?

A: Mercy College impacted my life initially for twenty-five years. I started working on my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing in 1980. I started and stopped, for many reasons called life. Mercy College always received me with open arms whenever I returned to continue working towards the degree. Never once did they turn me away or make me feel embarrassed or unworthy. 

Q: What three words describe your Mercy College experience?

A: Patience, Perseverance and Powerful! Mercy was patient with me for twenty-five years, allowing me to persevere in spite of life challenges and keep going no matter how long it took for me to complete my goal.


Q:  What one piece of advice would you share with a current Mercy College student?

A: If I could speak and share advice with any and all Mercy College students, I would express the unshakeable dedication Mercy College has for them.  If they never give up on themselves Mercy will never give up on them. Just stay the course. I am very proud to still connected as an alumna.