Jessica Pino '15, M.S. '16 Experiences Special Education in Unusual Times

Image of Yolanda Evangelista-Wynne

In celebration of National Education Week, we highlight Jessica Pino ’15, M.S. ’16, as just one of the many dedicated educators to call Mercy College their alma mater. Like so many other teachers during this pandemic, Jessica learned at a heightened level how to adapt instruction and engagement to ensure no child misses out on learning. As the head teacher in a special education classroom at the Fred S. Keller School, a preschool in Yonkers, she has a calling to make sure her students with disabilities find success within the education setting whatever that looks like.

Jessica demonstrated that her Mercy education prepared her for uncharted territory when schools went remote this past March, especially in working with a vulnerable student population. Her close work with parents was key in helping these children, considered to be pre-listeners and pre-speakers, navigate successfully through a curriculum relying on technology.

Over the summer, she earned a graduate-level certificate in applied behavior analysis (BCBA) from Mercy College to help her better anticipate her students’ unique needs and find practical tools for them. Though her district returned to in-person learning, the continued monitoring of Covid-19 cases the likelihood of remote learning remains. With preparation and optimistic teachers like Jessica, the outlook for students enduring these constant transitions seems a little brighter.

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