Shannon Freeman '14


Shannon Freeman graduated from Mercy College's Media Studies program with a concentration in Film and Culture. Currently, Shannon has spent the last eight years as a Television Director for CBS News streaming channel. Shannon can be directing up to five hours of live content a day where she directs breaking news segments and other CBS original programming for the streaming service.

In Shannon's private time, she has contributed as a mentor to the students of the Reels Works program, where she assisted in storyboarding, filming & editing a short documentary to eventually be shown at film festivals around the New York City area. Shannon hopes to continue making a difference on a personal level with such activity as her schedule permits.

While a student at Mercy College, Shannon interned with News12 Westchester during the Spring and Summer of 2012 and that is where she learned the ins and outs of the control room and television studio. Making a good impression, Shannon was hired at News12 after graduating in 2014, where she directed local news programs for the cable TV channel. After gaining experience, Shannon then went on to CBS News.