Vice President for Patient Care Services 

Lawrence Hospital Center


Always a leader, Rose Ann O'Hare has been inspiring her peers and encouraging them to excel since she was a student at Mercy College. She organized study sessions for a group of nurses already working full time while taking additional coursework in the evenings. In addition to earning her B.S.N. from Mercy, Rose Ann also holds a degree as an R.N. and has an M.S. in Nursing. She often credits Mercy College for inspiring her to high standards of service and leadership.


As Vice President for Patient Care Services at Lawrence Hospital Center in Bronxville, New York, Rose Ann is appreciated as a dynamic and successful executive who leads through collegial mentoring. “She wears her authority effortlessly and creates a zone of sharing even when the situation is not the best,” notes Mercy classmate and nursing colleague Linda DaSilva (-81). A recent example of this creative ability was highlighted in Nursing Spectrum, where Rose Ann was cited for her significant role in creating “The Infusion Room” for outpatient chemotherapy and support systems at the hospital.


Over the years, Rose Ann has developed a reputation as a nurse who combines skill, effi ciency, and very high standards with a consuming concern for her patients and her subordi nates. “All that she does is done in a pleasant manner and with a good sense of humor," says Mary A. O'Brien-Kautz, R.N. ('81) and former Mercy classmate. 

Rose Ann actively volunteers for many worthwhile organizations, one of them being the Mogel Meister Ski Club.