Min. Pearl Sullivan


Min. Pearl M. Sullivan, MS, MPA is a dual graduate of the College of New Rochelle (CNR).

Pearl is no stranger to serving her community. She spent more than 14 years as a New York City police officer, primarily in the Street Crime Unit, before retiring due to an injury. Soon after, she enrolled in the College of New Rochelle’s School of New Resources, which offered a bachelor’s degree program specifically for adults. 

When Pearl found out about the Ursuline tradition of education for service and wisdom for life, she knew that CNR was the right place for her.  As part of her dedication to service, Pearl worked with CNR’s Co-op City campus directors to create a program called Students of Victory that offered monthly prayer services for students. She also fondly remembers participating in CNR-sponsored mission trips such as one to New Orleans where she helped rebuild homes after Hurricane Katrina with Habitat for Humanity. 

After graduating in 2003 from CNR with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she went on to earn a master’s in pastoral counseling from Iona College in New Rochelle and a master’s in public administration from CNR in 2015. She returned to CNR and spent 12 years as the Coordinator of Retention Systems, helping to connect adult students with resources, such as tutoring, childcare and books, to help them persist to graduation. After being ordained by Miracle World Outreach Ministries in 2011, she decided to join the ministry full-time in 2017. 

Currently, she works as a minister administrator at Miracle Worship Center in the Bronx. The ministry is deeply involved in the local community, organizing drives for back-to-school supplies and warm clothing, distributing Thanksgiving dinners and food distribution. They also raise money for all kinds of international projects such as digging wells in Pakistan and Malawi and funding feeding programs in Malawi, Kenya, Pakistan, Uganda and India.

In addition to all the work Pearl does within her community and beyond, she continues to commit to serving the College of New Rochelle alumni as a member of the CNR Legacy Council at Mercy College. 

With alumni like Pearl at work in the world, the College of New Rochelle’s legacy and heart are still very much alive and well.