Executive Director
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility


Attending, honoring, and celebrating Mercy College is a family tradition for Sr. Patricia. Her sister is an alumna, and her sister-in-law, Joan Damarest Wolf '65, was a Hall of Fame hon oree in 2001. Sr. Patricia still celebrates her Mercy education, especially the challenges in Sr. M. Joannes Christie's English classes to love literature and to pay attention to literature's details. From Sr. M. Theresa Kane, she received inspiration that has lasted a lifetime and has directed her career. “She encouraged me to participate in the corporate responsible invest ment movement on behalf of the Sisters of Mercy in New York. I'm still at it!” 

As Executive Director of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, Sr. Patricia brings her passion for improving conditions for the poor to the corporate arena by using her expertise in corporate responsibility to raise the consciousness of those who have the means to make a difference. According to Sr. Ann Veronica Bivona '68 (2001 Hall of Famer), “St. Patricia has successfully used her position to challenge those who have more to do more." 

The Convent at Marian Woods in Hartsdale was conceived and planned by Sr. Patricia. This new collaborative adult group home incorporates innovative concepts that many believe will become a model for such facilities in other Religious Communities. She is also the past President of the Sisters of Mercy Regional Community of New York, recently completing her second term in that elected position.