Sisters of Mercy Leadership Team 


Sr. Patricia Vetrano's connection to Mercy College began while she was a senior at Our Lady of Victory Academy, which housed the College for a period in the early 60s. When she entered the Sisters of Mercy in 1962, she attended Mercy College, where most of the young women who entered the community were educated.

"My experience at Mercy gave me a great appreciation for education and a love for learning,” Sr. Pat reflects. Her work as a teacher at various parochial schools and later as a guidance counselor, director of Pupil Personnel, and principal at Our Lady of Victory is a testament to her dedication to education and learning.

Completing a BA in Psychology in 1976, Sr. Pat remembers Dr. Adma D'Heurle as an influential faculty member. "I admired her greatly as a person, and she instilled in me a great love for learning...particularly in the quest to understand people."

Sr Pat continued her own education at Manhattan College, earning an MA in Counseling in 1984, and a School Administration Certificate in 1992. Currently a member of the Sisters of Mercy Leadership Team, Sr. Pat is involved in overseeing the ministries of the Sisters of Mercy in Westchester and Worcester, Massachusetts in such capacities as strategic planning and fundraising.