New York City Board of Education, P.S. 55


Luis Eladio Torres (Outstanding Young Educator 2011 ASCD- for the USA, 2013 Dailynews Hometown Hero, 2014 NAACP Outstanding Educator, 2017 Educator of the Year NYLPRW, and 2018 Hostos Community College Trailblazer)



Luis E. Torres was born November 9, 1970 to Puerto Rican parents. His father, Angel Luis Torres has been the superintendent of two buildings for over 35 years. His mother, Elizabeth Torres runs a home day care service. At the age of 18, Luis E. Torres served in the U.S. Navy. One year after completing “boot camp,” he was called up to serve during “Operation Desert Storm/Shield.” Upon returning from military service, he completed an A.S. (Biology) degree from Hostos Community College. He then completed a B.S. (Psychology) from City College, MA in teaching from Mercy College, and an MA in administration from Hunter College. After completing over 9 years of college, Mr. Torres entered and completed the New York City Leadership Academy. Upon completing the NYC Leadership Academy, Mr. Torres was given the responsibility of leading Public School 55.  He three children and is married to Joan Torres. Two of his children attend District Schools.



For Luis Eladio Torres, the road to the Principal’s office was as unexpected as a change-up pitch. Once a naval petty officer, he is now responsible for turning Community School 55, once the lowest performing school in New York City located in District 9 in the center of the Morrisania housing projects in the Bronx, into a model school. “My predecessor put things in place. I’m just taking it to the next level,” he says modestly. The Bronx Principal has a unique connection with this community because he is a product of the NYC public school system as well as the Bronx. His father, an apartment building superintendent and a community organizer, raised Mr. Torres to be a leader in the community and to giveback. One method of giving back he has developed is to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the school. To do that, Mr. Torres acts as the school’s spokesperson/publicist/cheerleader. Mr. Torres is responsible for a new computer funded by the Department of Education, and a new indoor Aeroponic Garden funded through a grant from the Bronx Green Machine, an organization that builds gardens around the world. His go-getter attitude has allowed him to build a close relationship with Brandon Steiner of Steiner Sports; among the benefits of that relationship, Mr. Steiner gives framed posters of sports figures with messages to students as well as providing incentives for good behavior and attendance. His ability to raise funds has also enabled him to increase mental and physical health supports for his students; he hired a mental health coordinator and the school now a psychologist and dentist. Students attend a Montefiore Medical Center health clinic with a nurse, dentist, ophthalmologist, psychologist, and doctor.  Currently, there are plans to upgrade the auditorium and move the cafeteria to the first floor of the school, thanks to funds provided by Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson.