Joe Mazza '89 on Relationships that Keep Companies Moving Forward

Before Joe Mazza '89 first set foot in a Mercy College classroom, he, like many incoming college students was looking for an assured career path. "I had no clue what I wanted to be. I thought I wanted to be a lawyer," said Mazza. As the child of Italian immigrants, he was proud and excited to start the higher education experience, as the first among his three siblings to go to college.


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Highlights from Mercy's 2021 Alumni achievement awards

Mercy held another successful alumni achievement award event honoring our deserved alumni. The event raised a total of nearly $14,000 for the Mercy College Endowed Alumni Legacy Scholarship, a fund that helps children of alumni attend Mercy.


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Mercy Alumna designs a path for designers of color

Since she was a child, Dominique Jones '18 knew whatever path her career took, it would be in something creative. While in high school, she discovered she loved playing with Photoshop, and at Mercy College she directed that burgeoning love of design into her studies in Fine Arts. "At Mercy they helped me understand composition, how to use color and how to use typography. They just opened doors for me in understanding what design was," said Jones. As she sharpened her graphic design skills over four years, she readily admits she was hooked. 


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Mercy College launches new transfer credit max tool for prospective students 

Mercy College has partnered with EAB, an education technology and research company, to create an online portal that allows prospective transfer students to easily determine how many of their college credits will transfer to Mercy College and how many are needed to complete their bachelor's degree.


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Personal finance 101 workshop with mercy college trustee jim jenkins

This event will cover the following topics: budgeting, saving and credit cards. The event is Wednesday, March 10 at 6 p.m. via Zoom.